USA Softball Umpire Medals Program

Medals Umpire Program

Umpires can be rewarded for registering and officiating USA softball without being assigned to regional or national championships. This rewards the local umpire who supports the USA Softball program, and can be relied upon for local assignments.

There are four levels for this program – the Blue level for those who have been registered for three (3) years, the Bronze level for those registered for seven (7) years, the Silver level for those registered for fifteen (15) years and the Gold level for those registered for twenty (20) years. Umpires can reach these levels quicker if they have umpired in national championships, or attended National Umpire Schools.

The program was instigated in 1999 and currently there are over 5530 umpires registered in the program at various levels. The cost is $20 for each level, and the umpire receives a cap, certificate and pin symbolic of the level achieved. An umpire could register for all four levels if he/she desires and receive caps, certificates and pins for each level paid. In addition, there are various leisure wear items, jewelry items and trophies for each level if the umpire or association desires to purchase these.

The Medals program is a very popular program for the USA Softball umpire, with the caps and shirts being seen all across the U.S. USA Softball umpires take pride in their program and as more umpires are becoming aware of this reward program, more registrations are being received. When submitting the application, local association commissioners must approve, indicating the umpire is in good standing. Names are printed annually in the ASA Code Book.

Medals Program Application can be found here.

Local Medal Program Umpires

Name Location Status Association
Charles Askins Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
Al Bailey Cincinnati, OH Bronze Cincinnati
Mike Bartholomew Loveland, OH Silver Cincinnati
Patrick Bemmes Blue Ash, OH Bronze Cincinnati
Eric Bender Montgomery, OH Bronze Cincinnati
Tom Charles Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
Tom Charles Cincinnati, OH Silver Cincinnati
Kelly Cooper Cincinnati, OH Silver Cincinnati
Amy Fawcett Cincinnati, OH Blue Cincinnati
Lurline Ferris New Richard, OH Blue Cincinnati
Jerry Fick Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
Michelle Fletcher Cincinnati, OH Blue Cincinnati
Steve Gordon Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
Michael Grimm Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
Tom Hathaway Cincinnati, OH Blue Cincinnati
Pat Hessler Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
Kim Johnson Cincinnati, OH Silver Cincinnati
Timothy Klemm Harrison, OH Gold Cincinnati
Erin Medley West Chester, OH Blue Cincinnati
Bill Melvin Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
Annette Miller Cincinnati, OH Bronze Cincinnati
Johnathan Mitchell Cincinnati, OH Blue Cincinnati
Chuck Penter Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
Kenneth Pfeiffer Mason, OH Bronze Cincinnati
Todd Pflug Cincinnati, OH Blue Cincinnati
Alvin Rust Mt. Orab, OH Silver Cincinnati
Tim Sabin North Bend, OH Gold Cincinnati
Frank Suttmiller Oxford, OH Blue Cincinnati
Paul Swisshelm Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
James Todd Ft. Mitchell, KY Blue Cincinnati
James Updike Cincinnati, OH Silver Cincinnati
Charles Wever Cincinnati, OH Gold Cincinnati
Jerry Williams Hamilton, OH Gold Cincinnati
James Wilson West Chester, OH Silver Cincinnati
Joe Yoshimura Cincinnati, OH Bronze Cincinnati

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